Dive Sites

The Best St. Kitts SCUBA Diving Sites

Wreck Dives
M.V. River Taw

Everybody that dives in St. Kitts dives "The Taw", a 144ft. freighter that went down in 1985. It sat perfectly upright on the bottom until Hurricane Hugo came through in 1989 and broke the wreck into two parts. This is the only site we feed the fish so bring a camera, they are going to be in your face! At 40 ', it's a great place for your first dive.

M.V. Corintian (the Tug)
The M.V. Corintian is fully intact tugboat sitting at 65 feet on a sandy bottom. Off the bow section of the tug is a reef system that tops out at 35-feet. A wreck and a reef on the same dive, what more do you want?

M.V. Talata
This freighter was just passing through but ended up taking on water as she waited outside Basseterre Harbor. The watch keeper was rescued but the ship was not. Talata is now broken up in 55' of water and holds some great appeal. Even a volcanic vent to warm your hands!

Reef Dives
Coconut Tree Reef
A very pristine site that holds a lot of Barracuda in front of the mooring at 40' – 50' and a beautiful wall behind the vessel stepping down to 110'. Expect to see large schools of fish, Barracuda, spotted eels, and perhaps a turtle and nurse shark too.

Coconut Shallows
This extension of the Coconut Tree Reef offers an opportunity to see Green Moray, Barracuda, large schools of Blue Runner and Creole Wrasse. March 12, 2007 was a great day. Our crew purchased this nurse shark from a lobster fisherman for $20 and released on Coconut Shallows.

Ponds Bar
A mini wall of 30' – 55', Ponds Bar is a nice reef top where you will get an opportunity to see hawksbill turtles as well as a very large Barracuda (which is always under the boat.) This site also holds a secret known only to Dive St. Kitts. After you see it, don't share it or it will be gone!

Green Point Drift
This drift dive is very tame. There is rarely much current and we like to have the boat drop us off and pick us up at the other end of the site. It is the site to see!! … large Sting rays, Hawksbill Turtles and more. Green Point Drift starts at 25' and dips down to 50' then back on top to 25' again.

Monkey Shoals (the Donut)
When the seas are calm we love to make the trek towards Nevis. This site is outside the narrows, so the currents not too bad, and offers some rarities such as Flying Gurnards and large Scorpion fish. This shallow site of 45' is largely comprised of limestone shelves covered in hard and soft corals, offering lots of hiding places for Lobster and Nurse Sharks.

Brimstone Shallows
A beautiful reef top at 50' with a curving wall stretching down to 110', this site offers a narrow sand shoot that opens up to a pool. A very nice to dive … going single file with a wall of corals and sponge on both sides.

Bird Rock Reef
The reef around our hotel is a great shore dive going as deep as 35' within 100 yards of the shore. Diving off the boat a little further out offers a great shallow site where there are lots of hiding places for Octopus, Spotted Moray Eels and Lobster. Although rare and hard to spot, there are even some seahorses on this site. Spotted Eagle Rays or Hawksbill Turtles are also frequently spotted.