Cruise Ship

Our Two (2) Tank Boat Dive is for CERTIFIED DIVERS. We will pick you up at Port Zante just outside the roped security area about 45' after your ship docks.

We have a large dive flag so identifying our crew is easy! Our resort is 10 minutes away and the ONLY full service dive resort on St. Kitts & Nevis. Once there, you will be outfitted with dive gear, given a brief orientation of the resort, dive sites and safety procedures. We then depart from our docks on our covered dive boat and after a short ride we arrive at the first dive site.

We dive within safe no decompression limits. You could expect to be out for approximately 45-55 minutes. We then return to the resort for light refreshments (banana bread, fruit punch, and ice water) for a surface interval & to relax at "ROCKY'S" before heading out for your second dive.

Our second dive is the famous “River Taw”. This wreck is a 144' freighter, sits in about 45' of water, and is teeming with fish. We're talking tons of yellow snappers, hogfish, goat-fish, parrot fish, stingrays, barracuda, puffers, lots of corals, sponges, and so much more…This is a great site and well loved by crew and guests alike

After approximately a 45-55 minute dive, we return to the resort where you can enjoy a fresh water shower, gear rinse tanks, a freshwater pool, beach bar & restaurant, snorkeling lagoon, and much more! Guests should expect the entire excursion will take approximately 5 hours, depending how much time they would like to spend relaxing at our beach bar & restaurant. We do not rush you! "Think island time!".... We have lots of experienced crew to tend to your needs, and then when you are ready, we will transport you back to Port Zante in plenty of time for shopping or whatever your pleasure! Please be advised we do not book "cattle boats", and excel in personality and quality fun!

We have a complete gear rental department, so if you need anything from a mask & fins, to wetsuit, regulator, BCD... we have it available for you, as well as an on-site dive shop for incidentals like a new St. Kitts T-shirt!

The minimum for our Two Tank boat dive is two (2), and the maximum is 16.

PRICE: $105 (rental gear) / $95 (own gear). Includes complimentary shuttle service to and from dive shop and fruit punch

Please email us at dive@divestkitts to make a reservation or if you have any questions.


Our PADI Discover Scuba Diving Excursion ...
is for those that are new to scuba diving and have always wanted to try it, or those that are not yet certified. We will pick you up at Port Zante generally 30 - 45 minutes after your boat docks. Once you arrive at our dive resort, you will be outfitted with everything you need to go diving, and then taken to our fresh water pool to review the skills of scuba diving.

You will be taught by one of our experienced and friendly PADI instructors who will show you how to use your diving equipment and give you plenty of personal attention and time to get familiar with scuba.

After a quick pool session, you will then head out for your first ocean water dive to a maximum depth of 35 – 40'. Our experienced instructors will accompany you in the ocean, to ensure comfort, safety, and fun. Once you have completed your dive (typically 30-45 minutes), you will return to our resort to refresh with our fresh water showers, ocean side beach bar/restaurant, and relax before returning to the ship. We even offer PADI Certificates of Completion can count towards further training should you decide to get certified!! This tour takes approximately 5 hours.

The minimum for our Discover Scuba Diving excursion is one (1), and the maximum is four (4).

PRICE: $120. Includes all SCUBA gear, complimentary shuttle service to and from dive shop and fruit punch

Please email us at dive@divestkitts to make a reservation or if you have any questions.